Big Wall

When men decided to conquer the stone giants to touch the sky they engraved propitiatory figures of  mountain divinities on the rocks. Beginning the ascensions they learned to know their body and they started to dance to overcome the hurdles of the climb. Very few among them, transfiguring the technique in a moment of knowledge, touched the sky and peered into Gods dwelling.

Easy or arduous as your climb might be, you must imagine it as a dance, where time is suspended and your body comes to know itself.

Create your route to touch the sky of your room

Big Wall is a modular system to build up a climbing wall in your room.

Holds can be set-up to infinite configurations to create route variants and multiple difficulty levels. With experience and creativity you will learn to design the routes which fit your challenges.

Facile da montare ed espandibile, per creare infinite vie di salita