Fertilize your creativity

Like all the children he used to keep fruit seeds to put them in the ground and see if a tree was born. He had forgotten all the places where he had planted them. On a spring day, in a large pots in the garden, he saw a small and strange bud that was timidly looking for sunlight. He began to water it regularly and take care of the new friend who started to grow stronger and stronger day-by-day with long and gnarled stalks and bright red leaves. One day, touching the tall vigorous trunks with his hands, he saw that they bowed softly to his caresses. So he learned to kindly ask the plant to take the shapes he wanted, moulding its trunks from time to time into new compositions. Sometimes the plant itself was suggesting him a figure. Sometimes he dreamed of a composition that he then tried to recreate.

Growing up he learned to retain the same attitude to creativity that had allowed him, with kindness, to pull out the beauty of a living being.

Ikebana is a tool to create unlimited compositions with a very special plant. By slackening the bolts in the junctions with a hex key you can rotate trunks and leaves to find the desired inclination.