Custom design

Custom projects born in TocTocLAB are the result of the collaboration with enthusiastic people wishful for unconventional objects or pieces of furniture to share new playing experiences with their kids.



A 3 stories tree-house with a wonderful view on the surrounding countryside.

To enjoy it better from the inside a wall can be opened on the hills.

A rooftop terrace in shadow of the branches let you dominate the Po valley with the Alps in background.

Bunk bed for three

birch plywood

A space saver three storey bunk bed and wardrobe for three smart young boys.



beech plywood 

220 x 200h.

Nest is a place to play, seat, sleep or read with friends or alone in a cris-crossed hammock system.

Nest is a unique-piece and was originally created for UNIKAT exhibiton during 2015 Graz Design Monat.

Father Moose tell me a story

birch plywood 

310 x 210 cm (270 h.)

Father Moose is a place for kids to climb, seat, sleep, read, hide, store books or other objects and have a pacific and protective alaskan bull moose in his actual size as friend.

Father Moose is a unique-piece and was originally created for KidsRoomZOOM event at Milan Fuorisalone 2013


Water Landscape No.1

beech plywood 

84 x 63 cm

This unique-piece was originally made for the exhibition "Little Art lovers" at stilwerk limited edition design gallery, Hamburg.

It is, in a more structured and evocative shape, the first version of Puddle.

A small portable wooden lake for interiors to play with "painting on the water". You can create dynamic and ever-changing drawings by dropping watercolours and softly blowing them on the surface. You can be a sailor too by blowing a gentle breeze to make small boats cross the lake and reshaping the landscape.


A loft bed for Ettore and Fausto

Two smart young boys have found refuge in their new tree-house which has given a new shape to their room. 

They helped in assembling it with passion looking forward to climb on the tree tops. 

It has an integrated wardrobe and a series of shelves which also give an alternative way up. 


A loft bed for Maria

Maria loves freeclimbing and wanted for her room a rock-climbing bed for home training.

A climbing frame of birch plywood with a perforated grid gives chances to modify the climbing routes.

A climbing pole offers a fast descent with fun.

A stair of shelves gives an alternative easy way to go to bed.


A bookshelf for Olimpia

A young girl fond of surfing the waves of the ocean has got her piece of sea in her room in the shape of a vintage surfboard which turned into a bookshelf.

So she could hear the sea sounds while doing her homework.


A loft bed for Ada

A very tiny room is the place where a young "sleeping beauty" rest in a nest of tree branches.

The sun, setting in a soft red light trough the branches, says it is time to go to bed.

A chair for Emilia

A newborn princess was given an appropriate chair seat as a present by a woodworker fairy.