Mans attempts to forge Nature were strenuous. At enormous cost only a semblance of success was achieved.

Someone suggested that instead of trying to force matter to their will, they themselves should become yielding to the matter, training their minds to elasticity. They would thus learn to accept Nature as it is and capitalize their potential to achieve targets far more virtuous and precious. So creativity flourished. That capability to see other possibilities, different from those which the opposing state of rigidity kept out of their gaze. They realize their inclination to rigidity and they began to educate their littles to elasticity. Not to deprive them as adults of the opportunity to have access to an enlightened gaze on Nature’s variability.

Elasticity is Creativity

ElasTricks is a wooden black-board on which you can draw by crossing and intersecting elastic cords.

By inserting the wooden pegs in the holes and stretching the elastics among them you can create unlimited compositions playing with parallelism, symmetry, a-symmetry and overlapping or interlacing the elastics across the board.