The aim to the heart of TocTocLAB is to design tools to practice the creative experience of composition.


The idea is to design “open” tools which offer the chance to refine a creative thinking approach to design through different ways of composing. Tools that have the pleasure of designing a satisfying form as only practical function. To re-discover the value of composition as the capability of giving an aesthetic form to a “tale”.


Delving into this creative process involve exploring the potentiality of the tool, “choosing a  tale” (inspiration) and reasoning the planning of its aesthetic carrying out. Throught this alchemy of inspiration and pragmatism one’s own sensibility and creativity define that magical process which leads to the creation of one’s own “good piece”. 


As you start experimenting you will soon realize that only through a creative thinking design approach you can achieve compositions that go beyond stereotypical forms and predefined models.



Together with these creative tools TocTocLAB designs and produces furniture objects whose practical function goes beyond conventional use, believing that both adult and kid world are by now saturated with variations of ordinary.