Lied down in the field he was looking at the trees swaying in the wind, their foliage was composing infinite different shapes.

A few days later the wood was cut and the logs were carried in big rafts down the river to the big paper mill. He waited eagerly for some weeks and the day the new production was put on sale he bought as many sheets as he could with the money he had been able to collect from mummy during that long wait. He stayed awake all night long, drawing and cutting, composing and decomposing the shapes which were coming to life in the light of the candle. In the half light animals, mountains, imaginary architecture, mysterious symbols and many others sprang out of his hands. 

The wood had come to a new life, in a new form, without losing a grain of its poetry.

Are you cut-out for creativity?

PaperJoy is a modular frame to create 3D shapes with paper contours.

Place cut out paper contours between the wooden slats fitted with magnets on the designed sequences that little by little you will learn to draw. You can design unlimited shapes using also colored papers, drawing and coloring the paper, folding or cutting it.

And with lots of other ways you will invent by yourself.