It rained the whole day. Only near the evening the sky opened and let the sunset light filter through the clouds. Dozens of puddles had formed on the road reflecting the colours of the autumn sky. The wind which pushed the clouds away produced slight waves and small whirlwinds on the surface of those strange mirrors of water and mud, mixing colours with the fallen leaves. The kids decided to bring one inside to continue playing by the fire, observing the ceaseless changing of Natures on its surface and interacting as “godly” actors.

An ever-changing painting

Puddle is a puddle for interiors in a wooden frame.

By filling it up with water and white tempera you obtain a "liquid board" on which you can create dynamic paintings which ceaselessly fluctuate.

Let few drops of liquid watercolour fall on its surface and blow them gently giving birth to multicolour ever-changing drawings. 

You can carry out experiments with other colour types, techniques of mixing or also put small floating materials on the water  to make your compositions.